Magic ben the magic show man: circle of magic program
Preschool, ages 3 - 5

Bob the Magic Fish and the wild and crazy Levitating Energy Ball excite preschool age children in this mixture of magic for young kids. Magic happens in the birthday child's hands to the amazement of their friends.
This show is 100% interactive from beginning to end. Every child gets to participate because of Benjamin Corey's unique way of including everyone. After thousands of shows for young children, kids themselves named Benjamin Corey - Magic Ben: The Magic Show Man.

children's party entertainment ideas with maryland magician Benjamin Corey

The "Defying Gravity" Magic and Illusion Show
Ages 5 - 18

This is a sophistocated magic program for the older kids. Benjamin Corey plucks invisible cards out of thin air, reads minds, and makes things fly around the room amazing older audiences. You never know what's going to happen next and that's the way we like it.

Defying Gravity has even sold out two performances for family audiences at the National Theatre. The Washington Post named it one of the capital's "National Pleasures." This is a birthday show to make your older child's party second to none.

We want to bring this exhillarating experience to your event.

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kids party fun with Virginia Magician Benjamin Corey

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