These statements were made by clients describing the Benjamin Corey experience:

“That was a phenomenal show.  It exceeded my expectations.”

Will Jeter

"Everybody loved you, our family thought you were great- our son loved you too – that was important because it was his day" 

Randy W.

"You got rave reviews! I heard great things from both the kids and the adults" 

Jeff B.

"Benjamin Corey is a spellbinder whose interactive comedy and magic can galvanize and rivet the attention of an audience of the youngest children. His timing and rapport are exceptional, as the kids alternately scream with glee and fall silent in rapt attention. His legerdemain is dexterously executed and his personality adroitly deployed. The result is a performance charming to young and old alike."

Donn B. Murphy, Ph. D.
Executive Director
The National Theatre

I was searching through the internet. I had my fingers crossed, didn’t know how things were going to work out. I was a little nervous about it. But you showed up, and did a wonderful job, and it was just great! Everything worked out perfectly! It was absolutely perfect! Everyone had a wonderful time, You were magnificent! We’re glad to have you. Thank you!

We loved it! It was really impressive. Benjamin is just amazing! He was great in our office Christmas party. Everyone was very, very impressed. And he came to my daughter’s sixth birthday, and even there he was just wonderful. Everybody loved it, especially the kids. They were very, very impressed. Please hire him for your next show!

Dr. Bae

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