Feedback has been fantastic, thank you for your participation/performance at AdvaMed 2007. You made a fun, effective and strong impression on our attendees. We are grateful. Again, thank you.

Ray Briscuso
Managing Director
Life Sciences Conference Group

We sat in our meeting trying to figure out our schedule. I felt we just needed something a little more. I felt some magic or an illusionist would be great. I put my job on the line by doing some serious convincing and boy did you come through.

Ron Vita
VHA Medical Conference

Initially, when I heard my husband hired a magician I was like “oh no!...” I pictured some kind of clown doing a kids show but you are way way way waaaaaay beyond anything like that.

Laura Morrone
US Information Technologies

Benjamin, you were the thing that made the huge difference. Last year they just talked and went home only 10 people showed up to our holiday party. This year 60 people. Benjamin you were the hook. I hyped it up some and so we had a great turn out. We considered a hypnotist but that’s a little eerie. We chose you because you had such a light energy. You were so quick with all those comebacks. You had all those lines. You were completely playing it by ear with our employees. We even have two terminally ill employees. I haven’t seen the pain leave their face until the moment you started the show. Even they were excited and forgot about all of their pain and loved it. I can see it on their faces. It went off without a hitch.

Carol Starr
CLI Transport
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