Defying Gravity - Starring Benjamin Corey

Gravity is temporarily switched-off in this program that defies the laws of physics. A large magic wand floats up in the air, then in dramatic fashion dances around the room. Invisible cards are plucked out of thin air. An object vanishes directly in front of your eyes and appears in one of your co-workers hands. Benjamin Corey draws a large sketch of a bowling ball, the drawing falls off the page - thunk - a real bowling ball hits the floor with a thud.

Defying Gravity is Benjamin Corey's offering of some of the most stunning and unique magic presentations in existence, collected, designed, and developed over the last 18 years to provide you with corporate party entertainment to keep your guests involved, laughing, and screaming Wow!

Touching Shadows - Close-up Magic in the Crowd

Have you ever reached out and touched your shadow? As objects vanish from your guests hands they will be left touching shadows. A coin vanishes as one of your co-workers reaches out to hold it. The coin reappears up in the air as Benjamin Corey catches it. Objects transform in your guests hands, changing size, changing color, vanishing and appearing across the room.

The Touching Shadows experience features Benjamin Corey, mixed in with your guests, weaving a trail of amazement through your event. Short performances of close-up magic help create excitement from moment one as guests arrive at your event. Close-up magic is perfect as an icebreaker during a cocktail hour, or banquet. Close-up magic is offered as stand-alone entertainment, or prior to a performance of Defying Gravity.

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