Irvin Kershner, the artistic director of Benjamin Corey's performances, is known for directing "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," "Robocop 2" and many other films. When you enter the main website, you will hear his voice introducing Benjamin Corey.

Robert Fitch, Benjamin Corey's Magic Director, is known for directing many magic television specials. (See tesmonial on front page)

What do people who hire Magician Benjamin Corey say after every performance? Read a few of these new responses from happy customers. Will you be our next raving fan?

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“You're absolutely amazing! You have amazing dexterity!"

Paul Malstrom - Suntrust Mortgage, Inc.

“Wait a minute! No no no no No! We've got to see that again!"

Catherine Malstrom


“Hey! That was awesome!"

John C. McGranahan, Jr. - Hunton & Williams Law Inc.


“Very good! Oh thats neat! Thats really neat!"
"You held everybodies attention and put on a great show!"

Linda Neves - Freddie Mac


“Oh! Wow, that was pretty amazing! It's nowhere to be found!"

Jennifer Dutton - Freddie Mac


“That was crazy! That was really crazy! It was in my hand, I didn't feel a thing! That was crazy!"

Caitlyn Herliny - Freddie Mac


“Amazing! Just amazing!"

Paul Richman - Mortgage Bankers Association


“Thank you very much Benjamin that was just fantastic! It’s awesome! Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic!

I will be happy to be a reference for you – tell anybody to call!”


“Oh- it was awesome- awesome. Oh my gosh it was absolutely fantastic.”

Debbie Mcghee


“You were great! You were absolutely great. You were absolutely fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed everything. You had me completely fooled.”

Tricia Kane


“Thank you, so much. You made the party a super event. It was a great added touch. You can use me for a reference anytime.”

Wayne Berman


“That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!”

Walter Christensen


“Thank you so much! That was fun!”

Mrs. Christensen


“ I was two inches away from you and I was floored by your magic. You’re the real deal! I look forward to seeing you successful and on TV! Break a Leg.”

Ruth Korelitz


“Wow! You’ve done a really great job!”

Joel - Black and Veatch Inc.


“You did a great job! You’re pretty awesome!”

Anne- Black and Veatch Inc.


“I enjoyed it. You have a lot of talent.”

Ahmad Habibiam Black and Veatch Inc.


Benjamin, thanks for helping make our holiday party Magical!”

Priscilla Brown Black and Veatch Inc.


Thank you so much. That was fabulous! Just fabulous!"

Vicki Cohn


“I just want to say what a wonderful job you have done performing this evening (at a wedding). Everyone is talking about you and what a great job you have done.

Excellent work.”

Leon Harris



Audiences and the creative forces in the entertainment industry agree Magician Benjamin Corey provides an experience second to none.

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